Resolutions 2016

I was never good at setting my resolutions of the new year before the New Year’s Day. In fact, almost always, I set them after mid-January. That’s when all the feasts are in the past (family and friends’ birthdays and namedays) and it’s the perfect time to set new goals.

I will keep the list short for 2016, mainly because it will consist of some very broad categories. These are: work, health, skills, reading and writing. Five of them. They will be better defined along the course of the year, but here’s some more details about them.

1. Work

Let’s start from the obvious. My main goal for this year is to find a job. Searching for it will be the primary everyday activity. Everytime I post something referred to this, it will be labelled under the new category ‘ant’. Ants are hard-working, so they represent work.

2. Health

Health refers to these parameters that affect health and well-being. Exercising, following a diet full of water, fruits and vegetables, taking care of the body (hair, teeth, nails) are only few of them. Likewise, this category will be represented by the new category ‘butterfly’, which in the Chinese culture is a symbol of long life, beauty and elegance.

3. Writing

Writing is my passion. Writing stories, writing poems, writing blog posts… And even more. So, my two main targets in this category are: to finish my two NaNoWriMo novels and to update my blog more frequently. You can check the latter, but can’t check the former; unless I report my progress here. ‘Cat’ is the new category for writing, as many writers are obsessed with cats.

4. Skills

Oh boy! Τhis is going to be an even broader category. New skills can be countless, but I will set one or two each time. Ok, maximum three. First off, I want to enrich my language skills, so I will continue learning Spanish. Rosetta Stone, check. Self-learning spanish book for beginners, check. Other skills in the posts to come. This category will be represented by my most beloved dogs, as they can learn many skills. So ‘dog’ is another new category.

5. Reading

I’ve already set a goal of reading 50 books this year. I’ve already finished four and counting. If I manage to keep reading at the same pace, it’s going to be easy peasy. But reading is not all about literature, and this year I want to devour other books as well; science books, engineering books, encyclopaedias. It’s a shame for them to keep collecting dust at their shelves. And what a better animal than ‘owl’ to represent this last new category?


Photo compilation by Lady Nina. Original photos sources for owl and for book.

I would be happy if I could work on each of these categories every single day, even for an hour at a time. What about you? What are your resolutions for 2016? I wish you all the best for this year! May all of us be better persons in 12 months!


3 thoughts on “Resolutions 2016

  1. Well I hope you’ ll do an excellent progress in all of these categories.
    As for your progress in writing I invite you to do as some bloggers ( me included ) do, at the end of the month we post a writing update speaking for the month that’s ending from a writers aspect.

    • Thank you, my friend!
      I’m very positive and determinded, so I think I will commit to them. As for your proposal, it’s a great idea; I had only thought to do something like that, but from a reader’s aspect. That is, to write about the books I’ve read in the month. And I am also thinking of participating in the blogger’s community more actively, ’cause blogging is not only about writing, but also about getting involved in what others write. Wait for me soon! 🙂

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