Reading the title of this post, you might very well think that something is missing. The number “2017” maybe. And you would be right; except that I decided something else this year.


Time is continuous; years are only units which help us count it and maybe help us set goals and achieve them at certain time frames. This is why there is not going to be a “Resolutions 2017” post. Resolutions for this year will only be continued from those that I set last year. Remember them?

Now you do, don’t you? Well then, let me update you about all of them.


There is a reason why it was mentioned first last year. And there is a reason why it is mentioned first this year as well. My main target for last year was to find a job. And I found it (pretty early in the year), which is the reason why I didn’t have time to write in the Diaries for the past few months. There, now you know! The main goal in this field for this year is to continue being happy with my job and trying to become better and better.


There is plenty I can (and will) do in this field of health and beauty. The basic goal I will set however – no matter how weird it may seem – is to drink water. Lots of water, gallons of water. Because I feel dehydrated all the time and it’s very frustrating. And of course, I will also set a goal of doing exercise (aerobics) three times a week, as I have done in the past.


I admit that this field sucked last year. I couldn’t even finish my NaNoWriMo last November. But to be fair with myself, I did write two papers based on the M.Sc. course I had completed in 2015. As for this year, I won’t set any specific writing goal right now, but I definitely want to hold a completed novel, or at least poem saga, by the end of it.


Oh, if it weren’t for this field! I am really proud for the dog category, as I managed to learn Spanish in about a year on my own, mainly through the platform of Duolingo – yes, I am still excited about it after so long!  Of course I am not fluent yet, but I can understand many texts and some everyday conversations. And I want to keep working on it. You will see how in one of the posts to come.


This was another field where I did good last year – even though not so good as I had wished for in the beginning. I read 28 book, a number that I have managed only twice since I began keeping record of the books I read. So it wasn’t that bad. And also I read a lot of material for my job, especially during the first few weeks. My goal to read 50 books in 2017 remains, yet to be honest and realistic I would still be happy if I could read 30.

With this post I keep the promise I made here and make a new promise to advance in all five fields in the time to come.

Long live the Ant, the Butterfly, the Cat, the Dog and the Owl!


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