Resolutions – January 2017 Report

Referring back to the Resolutions post, I’ll try to make a habit of writing a short report of the progress I’ve made in all five fields during each month, at the end of it – or at the start of the following one. Let’s get started.



Worked as hard as always, while I also enrolled at a FutureLearn online course which seems relevant – though a little bit distantly – to my job. However, I still didn’t manage to start it. Also added some connections to my LinkedIn profile


I started aerobics again – though I confess I started it at the very end of the moth!


Even though I haven’t set a pen on the paper to write a decent story or poem, I have started writing on the Diaries again and that makes me happy. This month brought four new posts on the blog, several posts on the Facebook page and a makeover for both of them. And I’ve also started writing short rhymes which I dedicate to my Prince everyday.


I kept practicing Spanish on Duolingo every day, even if it was for five minutes. As a matter of fact, I’ve now achieved 226 days streak on Duolingo. And counting…


As you can see in Books’ List 2017 I read two books in January – not very good, I admit – and I have started a third one, as you can see in the goodreads feature on the right of the page.

Happy February with health and happiness and lots of creativity!


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