17+1 ways to learn Spanish in 2017

“Two thousand seventeen” was missing from one of my previous posts, but not from this one. After all, seventeen is one of my favourite numbers and when it came to write down some simple ways of practicing Spanish daily (one of my dog resolutions) it seemed about right.


Below are a few such ways and I’ll keep them short and simple.

  1. Take up “Spanish for Beginners 1: Meeting and Greeting” on FutureLearn
  2. Practice on Duolingo
  3. Take up “Spanish for Beginners 2: People and Places” on FutureLearn
  4. Chat with your Spanish-speaking friends
  5. Take up “Spanish for Beginners 3: My Life” on FutureLearn
  6. Watch “Seis hermanas” series
  7. Take up “Spanish for Beginners 4: Leisure Time” on FutureLearn
  8. Read Pablo Neruda poems in Spanish
  9. Take up “Spanish for Beginners 5: Getting Things Done” on FutureLearn
  10. Read articles in Spanish, even if you do not get everything at once
  11. Take up “Spanish for Beginners 6: Out and About” on FutureLearn
  12. Listen to Il divo’s “La fuerza mayor” (dedicated to my Prince )
  13. Take up “Learn Spanish” Specialization at Coursera
  14. Watch “La casa del fin de los tiempos” in Spanish
  15. Practice on Rosetta Stone
  16. Study “Aprende el español tú solo” books
  17. Practice on Babbel

+1 And last but not least, write in Spanish even if you make mistakes. For starters, just comment below and propose your own ways of improving Spanish!

P.S.: Of course, this list’s philosophy applies to other languages as well.


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