Categories’ Philosophy

… or “What to expect from the blog”

This page was made to concentrate all of the categories here and describe their thematology all in one place.

Dear Diary: As the name implies, this is the place of my memories, my concerns, my hopes, facts of my everyday life…

From A to Z: Of what I am concerned. A parent category that includes 26 sub-categories, in alphabetical order. Each letter of the alphabet represents a different category.

  1. Advice: For people who need advice, if I may help…
  2. Books: Books couldn’t be missing from my blog! So, here will be presented my favourites or the ones I’ve read recently.
  3. Chilli Caramel: What a weird name, one would say… Well, here will be posted news, global or personal, either sweet or spicy, thus the title!
  4. Dancing: Another one of my passions -couldn’t be missing as well!
  5. Exercise: “Sane mind in healthy body”, Ancient Greeks used to say. So behold the ‘food’ for exercise!
  6. Family & Friends: Stories of, or thanks to, people who are important in my life. Just a way to remind them how precious they are to me…
  7. Games: Well, this one is mostly gonna be about games I USED to play… Not very useful to those who search reviews on newly released games…
  8. History: La historia es muy importanta -it couldn’t be missing too! So, even though it’s not my forte, I’ll give it a try!
  9. In situ: (Or “In s(p)itu”) For all kinds of things you can do at home -tips and ideas, that is…
  10. Jokes: Laughing improves the quality of our lives and that’s the right place if you search for it!
  11. Kaleidoscope: Full of colours, full of emotions, full of memories… Photos! What else?
  12. Love: Love is life, life is love… What more can I say?
  13. Movies: One word for so many moments and memories and feelings, so many laughs and tears… Yeah, that’s what we’ll remember here, discussing favourite movies!
  14. Noah’s Ark: A home for our little pets and not only! All kinds of animals are welcome here!
  15. Orient & Occident: The two sides of the coin called “mankind”…
  16. Poems: A sample of my attemps to write poetry…
  17. Quills: Whatever concerns writing will be found here, along with quotes, wise and amusing phrases…
  18. Recipes: Could it be missing from the blog of a cuisine-lover?
  19. Stories: Another sample, of my attemps in prose this time…
  20. Travelling: Ah… Travelling! Let’s broaden our horizons together!
  21. Universe: We are just a teeny-weeny part of the whole universe, and that’s the place to discover it!
  22. Videos: Videos as music videos mostly… Get ready to rock!
  23. World Window: News from all around the world… Neither sweet nor spicy this time.
  24. X for Top 10: Whichever top-ten you might ask, this is the place to be. Well, not quite yet!
  25. Yin & Yang: Anything that would concern women -or men, but in a much more limited amount.
  26. Zen: “Enlightenment comes from meditation and intuition, with less dependence upon the scriptures”, states this form of Buddhism. So, here comes the most theoretical and endoscopic part of the blog.

Introductory Posts: The first posts that were ever uploaded here.

Language: With this option you can only read posts in greek or posts in english. Of course, there is always the possibility that a new language option will emerge. In the very future, though. So, till now, it’s:

  1. English and
  2. Greek

Valentine’s Day: Helping you spread the Valentine’s spirit! Photos, songs, poems, dedications to your loved ones! Don’t hesitate, just send me your whatever-to-be-dedicated and I’ll upload it on that specific day! Just for your sweetheart! All you have to do then, is give them the link! (Didn’t work this year, hope it will work next year.)

Wishes: Some of the wishes can become reality. So the more we wish, the better the chance they’ll come true.

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