Resolutions – January 2017 Report

Referring back to the Resolutions post, I’ll try to make a habit of writing a short report of the progress I’ve made in all five fields during each month, at the end of it – or at the start of the following one. Let’s get started.

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Reading the title of this post, you might very well think that something is missing. The number “2017” maybe. And you would be right; except that I decided something else this year.


Time is continuous; years are only units which help us count it and maybe help us set goals and achieve them at certain time frames. This is why there is not going to be a “Resolutions 2017” post. Resolutions for this year will only be continued from those that I set last year. Remember them?

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A gift for February 1st

It’s been a long time since I last reviewed a book. And, to be honest, I do not enjoy reviewing at all. After all, a review it’s only its writer’s personal view, distilled through their own experiences and taste. This is why we readers should not follow reviews blindly. We should rather learn to ‘feel’ if a certain book is what we want to read or not, if its writing and story appeals to us, if we find its content as well as its appearance of our taste.

So, this is rather a story, a personal story of someone who lived several lives through five books during January. My wish is that, in time, this will become a tradition and every new month will await you with my views about the books of the previous one. Now let’s follow Anin’s footsteps, the girl whose home is my library.


Anin in the library (Source: Cotewrites website)

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Resolutions 2016

I was never good at setting my resolutions of the new year before the New Year’s Day. In fact, almost always, I set them after mid-January. That’s when all the feasts are in the past (family and friends’ birthdays and namedays) and it’s the perfect time to set new goals.

I will keep the list short for 2016, mainly because it will consist of some very broad categories. These are: work, health, skills, reading and writing. Five of them. They will be better defined along the course of the year, but here’s some more details about them.

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