Getting Around

You already have the link for “Lady Nina’s Diaries”. That’s the hard part. Now something else emerges: how to get around the blog and get the most out of it. And that’s where I come with this page.

A guide for you to get around

1. Finding what you search for

That’s exactly the reason why “Categories” exist. You can find them on the right side of the screen. Their philosophy will be explained in another page called “Categories’ Philosophy“. So, if what you’re searching is a joke, you can easily find one be clicking on the category “Jokes”. (It does not exist yet. It was just an example.) Another example is that of the languages. Given that this blog is bilingual, you can either search posts in English or in Greek. So, if you select “Greek” you will get the sum of posts written in Greek. And the same goes for English.

2. Commenting and liking

Now that you found what you wanted to read, you might want to comment on that specific post (or page, as you’ll see later). Easy. You either click on the title of the post and then roll down or click on “Leave a comment” which appears right down the post, on the left. The second would lead you exactly to the right place. If there are already comments though, instead of “Leave a Comment”, you click on “Comments”. As for liking, the “Like” button appears just between the post and the comments.

3. Subscribing

If you liked the content of the posts, you might want to be notified whenever the blog gets updated. This is very easy. Just a click and you’ll get every single post in your mail inbox. You can find the “I dare subscribe” button on the right of the screen, just like the categories. But I warn you! Your inbox might be packed in no time! 😛

4. Pages

Finally, you shall not forget the importance of the pages as well. You can comment on them too, pretty much the same way as in posts. You can always find them on the top right of the screen. Check them for any updates every now and then.

Hope everything was clear. If not, do not hesitate to contact me.

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