There is something you didn’t know about St. Valentine’s!

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Photo by Lady Nina

Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s Day. Everybody knows that. However, there is something you don’t know. You don’t have to bring chocolates or flowers to your Valentine. Or rather you don’t need to, in some cases . Maybe what your partner needs in order to feel loved is some quality time, or to spend the whole Sunday hugging under the blanket, or to compliment him about his new hair style, or to keep your promise to her that you would fix that leaking faucet.

For there is not only one love language, but five. Yes, five. Five kinds of ways to show your loved ones that you love them. The problem is, not all of us speak the same language. At least, that is the conclusion Dr. Gary Chapman reached after years of study. And it is all summed up in his book, ‘The 5 love languages’. I was lucky to receive this book as a gift, as I would possibly not have known about it otherwise. And I read it straight away (you can find it listed in the Books of 2015, although I haven’t written a review – and you now know why).

As I said before, there are five love languages: the words of affirmation, the acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. So, in order to understand which of these is your primary love language or the primary love language of the person you love, you can simply make the test provided in ‘The 5 Love Languages’ website.

St. Valentine’s Day, the official day of love, is only a day away. So, what are you waiting for? Do the test, give it to your partner too, and organize an event which combines both of your love languages! And if you need some help, remember that I am here to help you !


A treasured moment

You know how it is when you live a special moment, which you want to treasure? You want to hide it some place where it shall stay intact by the passing of time. You want it to stay alive, you want to remember it with all your senses, just like you experienced it when it happened.

And so it might seem that you have forgotten it for a while, when you’ve put it aside, protecting your memories from everyday routine’s corrosive power. But then there comes a time when you want to open the box and release this memory and let it conquer you.

That’s what happened today. Two months after their wonderful concert in Prague, which I attended with my Other Half, I listened to Nightwish again. And the magic of that night visited my again!

And I want to share some magic with you, and in the same time keep a promise I made last year. So here are some photos I took during the concert. Continue reading

Five years of wishes!

Yesterday, Lady Nina’s Diaries became 5 years old. It has accompanied my life for a long time now and, even though I didn’t always have the time to write, I have always returned to it. So, today, I want to be the first to wish my blog ‘Happy Birthday’. And I will do it in as many languages as I can, so I am waiting for your contribution for the rest.

First, let me wish in Greek, my mother tongue. Χρόνια πολλά!


Compilation: Lady Nina / Original photo: Digital Camera

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A story for a new language

Ten days ago I set my 2016 resolutions. One of them was to learn Spanish. I had started many times before, but had never managed to keep it in my daily programme. Ten days ago I discovered Duolingo and the new possibilities it opened in exploring new languages. Now, after ten days, having managed to stick to my commitment, I am proudly 20% fluent in Spanish (according to Duolingo). So, I am glad to celebrate it with my first post in Spanish – well, it is only a paragraph at the start of the story, but bear with me! And many apologies to the Spanish-speaking in advance, for the mistakes that you most probably will encounter.

Hijo de la luna

Tengo una amiga. Su ropa es verde y azul y blanca. Mi vestido es amarillo gracias al sol. Ella tiene muchos hijos e hijas.  Yo no tenía hijos, aunque quiería. Hasta que esta mujer, una hija de mi amiga, me dio a su hijo. El nombre de mi amiga es Tierra y yo soy la Luna. Y esta es la historia de mi hijo, la historia del hijo de la luna. Continue reading

A gift for February 1st

It’s been a long time since I last reviewed a book. And, to be honest, I do not enjoy reviewing at all. After all, a review it’s only its writer’s personal view, distilled through their own experiences and taste. This is why we readers should not follow reviews blindly. We should rather learn to ‘feel’ if a certain book is what we want to read or not, if its writing and story appeals to us, if we find its content as well as its appearance of our taste.

So, this is rather a story, a personal story of someone who lived several lives through five books during January. My wish is that, in time, this will become a tradition and every new month will await you with my views about the books of the previous one. Now let’s follow Anin’s footsteps, the girl whose home is my library.


Anin in the library (Source: Cotewrites website)

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How to learn foreign languages and have fun: Duolingo

Ok, you know me. Whenever I’m excited, I can’t hide it. And there is no reason to hide a miracle such as this one. Remember at the beginning of this week when I set my resolutions for 2016? Remember the ant, the butterfly, the cat, the dog, the owl?

Well, I am proud to say that I am having progress in all of these categories. But first I want to talk about the DOG and my resolution to learn Spanish. I already knew two ways to accomplish that: use Rosetta Stone or study a self-learning book on my own. Apparently there are other ways as well and this week I found another two: use Duolingo and watch Spanish movies.

It’s the first one that I’m so excited about, ’cause Duolingo has so many features that make learning a foreign language so easy! You learn new words and phrases teamed up in several categories, you practice them so they won’t fade away from your mind, you set a minimum daily study time and resolve to keep it, you level up and earn coins (the so-called lingots) for your accomplishments. You can also add your new fluency on your LinkedIn profile. In other words, the site provides a wide variety of tools to keep you committed and excited to deepen your knowledge in a given language. And it’s only a click away.

So, if you are interested in learning Spanish, or French, or German, or Italian, or Portuguese, or Dutch, Swedish, Irish, Turkish, Danish, Russian or Norwegian, then that’s the site for you! Other languages are in the way too!

Resolutions 2016

I was never good at setting my resolutions of the new year before the New Year’s Day. In fact, almost always, I set them after mid-January. That’s when all the feasts are in the past (family and friends’ birthdays and namedays) and it’s the perfect time to set new goals.

I will keep the list short for 2016, mainly because it will consist of some very broad categories. These are: work, health, skills, reading and writing. Five of them. They will be better defined along the course of the year, but here’s some more details about them.

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