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Under my (new) skin!

A really short post to let you know how excited I am -how obsessed!– about the new appearance of Lady Nina’s Diaries blog and Facebook page. Yes, I admit it, it has gotten under my skin. Not the irritating kind, but in the fascinating way.

And yes, you are very observant; my blog is now linked to my goodreads account, so you can see what I’m up to (reading) at any time!

I’d like to add here something I’ve observed, now that Diaries’ birthday approaches again. It seems that this period of the year is the time that inspires me the most; to make changes, read more and write more… And even organize events! Soon you’ll find out more about the latter, I promise!

Until then, get yourself a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine, grab a book and travel inside its pages. ‘Cause…


A book is a gate to worlds unexplored,
a ticket to lives unlived,
a spark that ignites emotions and thoughts.

And once in a while browse this blog for new book (and other) ideas, and visit the Facebook page.