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A treasured moment

You know how it is when you live a special moment, which you want to treasure? You want to hide it some place where it shall stay intact by the passing of time. You want it to stay alive, you want to remember it with all your senses, just like you experienced it when it happened.

And so it might seem that you have forgotten it for a while, when you’ve put it aside, protecting your memories from everyday routine’s corrosive power. But then there comes a time when you want to open the box and release this memory and let it conquer you.

That’s what happened today. Two months after their wonderful concert in Prague, which I attended with my Other Half, I listened to Nightwish again. And the magic of that night visited my again!

And I want to share some magic with you, and in the same time keep a promise I made last year. So here are some photos I took during the concert. Continue reading